Hi random stranger/friend!

Let me introduce myself first in case you’re wondering where exactly you stumbled on while browsing the internet.

Who are you?

My name is Allen Guarnes, a freelance web designer, a professional developer, and an amateur musician from the Philippines who tries to blog (pagbigyan!). I do try my best to talk about things that interests me here, may it be about my personal experiences, web development, programming, technology, current events, etc. It’s very random I know, but I think that keeps everything interesting.

The things I do

I tend to do a lot of things on the web because I’m pretty much always online.

Web Hosting

One of the things I focus on when I’m online is operate an unlimited web hosting service called MereHosting. It’s a web hosting and reseller hosting service that offers unlimited disk space and bandwidth for people that want to start, or are in need of a place to host, their own website at a very affordable price. Do check it out when you have the time. 😁

MereHosting Unlimited Web Hosting Services

MereHosting Unlimited Web Hosting Services


I also love designing and developing websites, so I do take projects from people interested. Feel free to contact me if you’re interested to hire me for freelance jobs.


This one’s more of what I do outside the web, but some of our songs are online!

I’m in a band called There’s ERA. Do check it out! I love making and singing songs about things a lot of people can relate to.

There's ERA

There’s ERA @ Route 196

I guess that’s pretty much everything I do! I hope the short read has helped you know me better.

Allen Guarnes 😎