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Smart DNS Proxy April 2016 Review

UPDATE (May 5, 2016): My free trial ended so I tried to continue my subscription by paying using my credit card. Alas, my card details weren’t getting accepted for reasons beyond me. They don’t have any other…

Tidy Up Your Windows Environment Variables!

Most people probably won’t bother fixing up their environment variables nor would even be aware it exists. But for developers like me, it’s something we tend to take for granted — which almost always…

How To Stream US Content Without A VPN

UPDATE: As of March 3, 2016, has stopped providing their free service. Use Smart DNS Proxy instead, or read our review of their service. Disappointed about Netflix PH lacking 93% of its US…

Netflix PH Not Yet Worth Spending On

Wait lang friends! Do not subscribe to Netflix PH. I repeat, do not subscribe. At least, not yet, if you plan to get your money’s worth.