​​MereHosting Unlimited Web Hosting Services is a fast and reliable web hosting provider of affordable unlimited web hosting and reseller hosting packages. Your website. We host.

About MereHosting Unlimited Web Hosting Services

MereHosting is a project of mine that aims to offer unlimited web hosting at an affordable price. The project grew more in time, which eventually offered unlimited reseller hosting, and other packages as well. The service accepts PayPal and Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins as payment.

MereHosting Unlimited Web Hosting Services

MereHosting Unlimited Web Hosting Services


When I designed MereHosting, I only had simplicity and minimality in mind. From the theme itself, “mere”, I wanted to create a design that sends the exact same message. I avoided overwhelming graphics and colors, and opted to use a more monotonous design of black and white. By doing such, it helped me put the service offerings at the forefront, avoiding any unnecessary distractions.

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