Wait lang friends! Do not subscribe to Netflix PH. I repeat, do not subscribe. At least, not yet, if you plan to get your money’s worth.

I got excited over news regarding the immediate availability of Netflix around the world including the Philippines, and was admittedly almost convinced by my brother to subscribe to premium. Thank God I wasn’t born impulsive! Turns out, a Netflix subscription does not amount to much yet.

Netflix PH Catalog Still Lacking

According to Finder.com, “93% of titles available on Netflix US are not available in the Philippines“. They listed 5,349 entries in their report, which leaves us with only around ~374 titles available to choose from right now assuming their numbers are correct. I can’t give any first-hand confirmation regarding the findings right now however since I don’t have an active subscription with their service, but those are ridiculously disappointing figures to look at. Really.

I’m quite sure that the availability of titles will increase in the near future as they finalize their licenses, but to launch with a measly catalog is a questionable move in my opinion. I highly suggest you stick with HOOQ and/or iflix for now and wait before you consider switching in favor of Netflix. It might take a while though, and also possibly never, since HOOQ and iflix both have exclusivity deals with some notable studios on certain titles.

A Netflix subscription starts at PHP 370. For your reference, a subscription to HOOQ would cost you PHP 149, and just PHP 129 for iflix.

Sources: Finder.com, Unbox.ph